About Our Mission

The mission of the organisation is to equip all individuals mostly youngsters Spiritually,Spiritually, Emotionally,Economically, Physically and Socially.…


About Our Vision

“The vision is to see South Africa becoming a better and a safer place for all. …

Who We Are

Complete Life Centre International is a registered non-profit organisation established in November 2015. The organisation was founded by a youth activist by the name of Mr Anele Heli from New Cross Roads In the area of Nyanga. Complete Life Centre is divided in to two sections which is the organisation side and ministry.


SSouth African statics confirmed several times that Nyanga East in the Cape flats is rating number (1) with crime and has the highest number of murder cases in Cape Town.
MMr Anele Heli having heard of the news and coming from the area of Nyanga dedicated his life into becoming a part of those who will bring change in his community and its surroundings. He started gathering youngsters from the surrounding areas of Nyanga, Philippi, Samora and Gugulethu.
TThe youth gathered and community activities like sport clubs such as soccer teams, netball teams, prayer sessions and many more helpful activities were formed, which later gave birth to Complete Life Centre International non- profit organisation


Currently as the organisation we are renting premises at no 2 Bremen Close Airport Industria. The premises of CLC has become a rehabilitation centre and a safe home to individuals who comes from less disadvantaged background and those who used to be homeless. This includes youngsters who are being rescued from drug addiction, alcohol abuse, rape victims, orphans and vulnerable children.

They are a full responsibility of the organisation by means of providing food, clothes, toiletry, paying school fees and transport fare for the students and also providing medical care for its residents. There’s a computer lab within the premises to help students when doing their home works. Some of these kids have skills such as tailoring of which sewing machines were bought for them and they now have their own clothing brands. We also have a program running from Mon-Friday empowered by the City Of Cape Town together with CLC called ATVANCE ACADEMY. It is a program empowering school drop outs from different communities in Cape Town with skills development by offering them

a free business administration course. There are youngsters who now have their own businesses funded by Complete Life Centre under the leadership of Mr Heli, for an example a successful salon called HAIR BOUTIQUE CHOMMIE in Philippi Village ran by a young girl doing her grade 11 this year.

Mr Anele Heli the founder of Complete Life Centre International recently got nominated by community members for a Business Empowerment Award, a project ran by the City Of Cape Town and he won..

Sir Anele Heli

The ministry side of Complete Life Centre International was developed through prayer sessions that Mr Heli had with youngsters from the above mentioned areas. When parents saw their children who used to be gangsters now changing for the better. They then decided to come along with their kids to prayer sessions and GOD manifested his power through the life of Mr Anele Heli. It was then that it was revealed he had a gift of prophecy through praying for the sick and they got healed. What he spoke to people came to pass, the bound were free, salvation was introduced, many were delivered from impure/evil spirits, and from there it led to the ministry being born. ‘I used everything you gave me’.

Sir Anele Heli

Youth Program

  • Computer Skills
  • Coding
  • Soccer
  • Netball
  • Music
  • Business Session
  • Academy
  • Tutoring
  • Brand Maker
  • Prayer Session
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Skills Development Centre
  • Cultural Arts
  • Job Search Opportunities
  1. After School Program
  2. Community Volunteer Programs
  3. Dancing Session
  4. Creative Skills
  5. Singing Skills